Should I Lock Or Float This Week : December 17, 2012

Todays_MBS_12-17-2012This so-called fiscal cliff is leaving mortgage rate shoppers shaking their heads? First, we are being told, if our congress allows us to fall over that cliff, it will equate to a monthly loss of $530, or more than $6000 per year, for many americans. If this were not enough to worry about, my clients shopping for homes, are also facing the uncertainty of what direction mortgage rates will move – Up? or Down? Last week, rates have started to creep up, and up. Continue reading

Explanation Of The Fed Statement Today (December 12 , 2012)

Putting the FOMC statement in plain EnglishThe Federal Open Market Committee voted to leave the Fed Funds Rate unchanged within its current target range of 0.000-0.250 percent Wednesday.

For the tenth consecutive meeting, the FOMC vote was nearly unanimous. Richmond Federal Reserve President Jeffrey Lacker was the lone dissenter in the 9-1 vote. Continue reading

Maintain Adequate Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Maintain adequate homeowners insurance coverageIn the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, stories have emerged of homeowners whose hazard insurance coverage was too low to cover the damage to their respective properties.

Unfortunately, this scenario is common among U.S. homeowners, and is not just limited to damage from natural disasters. Homeowners in Sacramento and nationwide are often woefully under-insured against catastrophe in its many forms. Continue reading

Short Sale : How Do I Write A Hardship Letter?

Short SaleThere are alternatives to bankruptcy or foreclosure for home owners who can no longer afford to keep mortgage payments current – It’s called a “short sale”. A short sale is when a property is sold for less than its remaining mortgage principal balance, and executed as a way for both the existing homeowner and mortgage lender to cut their respective losses.

Typically, although not always, short sales are reserved for situations of extreme financial hardship; just prior a bank beginning foreclosure proceedings.

Continue reading

Cost Effective Ways To Prep Your Home For Sale

Tips for better home staging

When Natomas homeowners get ready to list, advice will often come from all corners of their personal and social network — what within the home to upgrade; what to repair; what to replace.

And, although some advice remains valuable, much of it can be ignored. Continue reading