Homeowners — Tips When Filing Next Years’s Taxes?

Planning For Your Next Year Tax Deductions

I hate doing my taxes! The only I like about tax season is the chance to see my good friend Donna Gary. I hate prepping all my documentation for my tax person. But, It is my chance every year, to be reminded of the fact, this is what my clients do for me on a daily basis. They give my piles of paperwork, and then I push them together into a pretty pile for the underwriter. Filing your taxes can be a complicated and confusing process. If you are a home owner you may have many home tax deductions and credits to consider.

Since we recently passed the filing date for 2012 taxes, it may be a good time to plan for next year and get your tax tracking systems in place. Check carefully to make sure that you are not making any of these common homeowner tax mistakes – which could cost you money or get you in trouble with the IRS. Continue reading “Homeowners — Tips When Filing Next Years’s Taxes?”

How To Help Your Pets Adjust To Your New Home

Stanley The Cat

That picture to the right is our very friendly cat, Stanley. He actually handled the move into his new home without much fanfare – he settled in quite nicely. But, I know this is not true for many, and moving to a new home can be a difficult transition for everyone in the family, including the furry, four-legged members.

Dogs and cats develop a strong bond with their environment so when they from their territory it can cause them stress.

Here are some tips to ease your pets’ transition to a new home : Continue reading “How To Help Your Pets Adjust To Your New Home”

Cost Effective Ways To Prep Your Home For Sale

Tips for better home staging

When Natomas homeowners get ready to list, advice will often come from all corners of their personal and social network — what within the home to upgrade; what to repair; what to replace.

And, although some advice remains valuable, much of it can be ignored. Continue reading “Cost Effective Ways To Prep Your Home For Sale”