3 Reasons To Attend Your Own Home Inspection

Be present for your home inspectionAs a home buyer in Sacramento, you can get a feel for whether a home’s systems and appliances are in working order. However, you won’t know for certain until after the home’s been inspected.

This is why real estate agents recommend that buyers hire a licensed home inspectors immediately after going into contract. It’s the best way to really know the home which you’re buying.  Continue reading

What Mortgage Rates Are Doing This Week :February 11th, 2013

Homebuilder Confidence ImprovesMortgage rates worsened last week in response to more indications that the U.S. economy and global economic trends are improving. Global economic data was stronger than expected; which generally boosts investor confidence and leads to higher mortgage rates in Sacramento and across the country.

We may see a reversal of this trend in the short-term because the stock market remains overbought and ready to retrace, the obvious question is when? With little economic news this week, there is no reason the stock market should improve or interest rates should change much. Until the stock market retreats, U.S. interest rates are not likely to decline much. Continue reading

Take Advantage of 2012 Tax Breaks Courtesy of The Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

2012 Tax Breaks!

2012 Tax Breaks!

There was plenty of discussion and debate leading up to the New Year’s looming “fiscal cliff”. Ultimately, the event was avoided (for now), but not before legislation was passed which may benefit homeowners in Sacramento and nationwide.

If you have yet to file your 2012 taxes, take a minute to review the tax limitations and credit extensions, which Congress passed through the HR 8 legislation. You’ll want to make sure you’re paying the proper tax bill come April 15. Continue reading