Don’t Get Fooled By Tricky Real Estate Terms

Understanding Real Estate TermsWhen looking to buy or sell Sacramento real estate, confusing terminology can leave you feeling somewhat uneasy. From a multitude of numbers to marketing jargon, property listings can give you an overwhelming amount of information — and it’s hard to know what’s important. Continue reading “Don’t Get Fooled By Tricky Real Estate Terms”

Should I Buy A Foreclosured Property?

Green MortgageBuying a foreclosed property in Sacramento and the surrounding area can be different than buying other types of real estate. And if you are a first time home buyer, this may not be a road you want to  travel down.

In many cases you will be able to get a fantastic deal on a home, but you will need to go through quite a bit of work and negotiation. Here are some of the basics facts from a local agent with a ton of experience in the area of Foreclosed property – click here for video Continue reading “Should I Buy A Foreclosured Property?”