FHA To Raise Mortgage Insurance Premiums April 1, 2012

FHA MIP Changes April 1 2012Beginning April 1, 2012, the FHA is once again raising mortgage insurance premiums (MIP) on its newly insured borrowers throughout Sacramento and the country.

It’s the FHA’s fourth such increase in the last two years. Continue reading “FHA To Raise Mortgage Insurance Premiums April 1, 2012”

What Mortgage Rates Are Doing This Week : January 23, 2012

FOMC meets for a 2-day meeting this weekThe outlook for the U.S. economy improved last week, taking the mortgage bond market with it. For the first time this year, conforming mortgage rates rose throughout California from one week to the next.

Data was strong across all categories last week.

Mortgage rates and fees continue to go up!

I don't want to know!

We have been lulled into a false sense of comfort with rates being so low, and now that they are starting to rise, we pretend it’s not happening and look the other way. I can’t tell you how many clients have asked,  “when are rates going back down?” I have one client who insists the 30 year fixed rate will soon go to 4% at which time he is going to refinance his current 6% mortgage. We have a good relationship.  I tell him he’s nuts and should have refinanced a year ago, but he is adamant – rates will go down.   The mantra, the customer is always right echos in my head, but this time it’s just noise. It’s OK to take your chips off the table and to say I’m done gambling. Continue reading “Mortgage rates and fees continue to go up!”